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The Adobe Research Alumni Community connects previous Adobe interns with Adobe researchers and offers curated content selected by the team. We are building a community where former interns can connect with peers, collaborate on future projects, and create new opportunities together. This alumni community will also expose you to the latest developments at Adobe, from product impact and university collaborations, to future internship and career opportunities. Sign up today to be part of our exclusive community!

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Every month, Adobe researchers appear as guests to showcase a variety of topics and to discuss them with the community. This  includes discussions on new and emerging technologies, research trends, and publication reviews.
Events Join virtual engagements throughout the year from tech talks to technology show cases, and collaboration opportunities.
Newsletters Be in the know of the latest Adobe news, product launches, technology transfers to our flagship products, research highlights and career opportunities.
Collaborations Collaborating with Adobe Research goes beyond your summer internship. We are always looking at opportunities  to collaborate with our community. 

October guest speaker

Gavin Miller
Head of Adobe Research

October 27, 2022 | 11am PT

David Kutas

Former Research Scientist Intern at Adobe Research

"I believe the Research Alumni Community (RAC) is immensely important for PhD students like myself. Building professional and personal connections are a game changer. Just think about the following scenario: you are a pro in interaction design, but you are less experienced in UX research. Through RAC, you can easily reach out to a former Adobe colleague or a former intern who has done UX research and boom, you just saved a lot of time. Plus, the other person might be interested in your work, so you can actually collaborate and make the given project even better. It's a huge win for everyone."

What our employees are saying.


"At Adobe Research, I am free to pursue diverse research directions, and maintain visibility in top academic conferences. But most importantly, I’m surrounded by world-class research peers within an incredibly collaborative, interdisciplinary, and welcoming environment.”

Zoya Bylinskii Research Scientist
“When I was looking for a position, I wanted to make things that affect people in the real world, and I wanted to continue to work on creativity. Adobe Research is a really good match for everything I hoped to do. I am surrounded by people really interested in creativity."
Joy Kim Research Scientist
“I joined Adobe Research India after my PhD in the US. I’ve been able to learn a lot of new things with this close-knit team as we collaborate frequently. The opportunities I have received, technologies I have explored, and people I have worked with have ensured that I always cherish my decision to return to India and to take on this role.” Balaji Vasan Srinivasan Principal Scientist Manager
Ohi Dibua
“The people I met with when I interviewed were open to new ideas and were not rigid in their thinking. It made me want to join Adobe. Now, as a research engineer, I’m looking at bias in machine learning and investigating how to interpret models well.”

Ohi Dibua Research Engineer