Create the future of Gen AI.

A new era of creativity and productivity is here, learn more about how our teams are changing the world through personalized digital experiences

Make meaningful experiences.

Generative AI frees us to create, explore, and push boundaries like never before, saving time for what’s most meaningful. It’s the next step in the decade we’ve put into developing Adobe Sensei. Done right, it can amplify creativity and intelligence without replacing the beauty and power of the human imagination.

Here’s to Generation AI.

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Meet Adobe Firefly.
Dream Bigger with Adobe Firefly, a family of generative AI models designed to jump-start creativity and accelerate workflows in Adobe products. Try features powered by Firefly in Adobe Photoshop (beta) today. 

Discover Adobe Sensei GenAI in Experience Cloud.

Higher project velocity. Simpler marketing processes. And so much more — all with Sensei GenAI as your copilot, now part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

Learn more about our Gen AI Teams

Adobe Research

An ideal balance of academic discovery and industry impact: that’s what drives our groundbreaking work at Adobe Research. Our collaborative projects advance the state of the art across a range of 12 research areas. Many of Adobe Research’s early-stage technologies become important elements of Adobe’s products, used by millions across the globe.

Adobe Design

As a centralized design organization the Design team helps to shape products across Adobe. We're inventive, dedicated, and different, and want to change the world. So we think big. Sweat the small stuff. And stay curious.

We dream individually, think holistically, and triumph as a team. We fuel our creativity with process, solve problems that seem insurmountable, and design to remove complexity.